Since 1994, Wade Street Church has been a Local Ecumenical Partnership, which means we belong to more than one Christian denomination – in our case the United Reformed Church and Baptists Together, both Nonconformist or Free Churches.

The United Reformed Church was formed in 1972 when the Presbyterian Church joined with the Congregational Church (and in 1980 with the Churches of Christ). It has an informal approach to worship and is characterised by a continuing openness to the Holy Spirit as it seeks to interpret the Bible for today’s world.

Baptists Together (until recently The Baptist Union) is similarly informal in its worship and has an evangelical view of the Bible and theology. As its name suggests, the baptism of those who believe in Jesus is a significant aspect of its life.

The government of the local church in both denominations is through the Church Meeting, members of the church getting together to pray and discern God’s will.

Both denominations put a great deal of emphasis on social justice and on sharing the good news of Jesus by word and action.